How shall we participate in the Md Horse World EXPO this year?  Please  vote on these options by calling Jacquie or responding with a comment on this blog:

1-       Pay $400 to share a booth and volunteer with PWH of Md and MATWHA

2-       For free help man the Girl Scout Horse Booth

Experience not needed for either – just your welcoming smiles and ability to hand out printed information … Jacquie 410-293-6157


2 thoughts on “MD HORSE EXPO 2010

  1. I think we should pay the $400 and man the horsie booth. Although I am a long-time girl scout volunteer, the girl scouts do very little to encourage equine sports. Would volunteer to help at the booth one day.


    • thanks Sue for your comments —- We are going with the free option to participate in the EXPO this year and partner with the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland .. we appreciate your volunteerism both with Girl Scouts and with the Chespeake Club .. please call me to schedule your time in the booth 410-923-6157 or 410-358-9711 ext 214

      I am interested to know what Girl Scout Council you are with as our GSCM council has riding camp, encourages girls to earn their horse badges, and we are working on more ways to inspire girls to pursue their loves and dreams like the Scavenger Hunt at the Horse EXPO …. let’s talk about more ways you have in mind that we can encourage girls — I started a Girl Scout Horse Troop this year and hope to do more through the EXPO

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