Share Your Favorite Place to Ride

My wife and I love to find new places to ride and to take our horses on vacation.  Do you have a favorite place to go?  If you do, then here is your chance share with that information with other riders.  We are putting together a list of places to ride around the U.S. not just Maryland and the surrounding states but the whole US.  So if you have a favorite place please send the information to me at  I will compile all the information and create a .pdf document and post it here.  I’ll make monthly updates as I receive new information. 

As much of the following information as possible should be included in your email:  The state it is in, the directions from a central point, i.e., D.C., Baltimore, Denver; Is it a day ride or something more; Amenities, e.g., camping, campers, cabins, local motels, stalls for the horses other amenities might include recreation available or historic sites.  Additionally, knowing what types of terrain is important and the best time of year to go would be helpful.  Finally, if the location has a web site adding the web address (URL) with pictures would be very helpful.

I guess the best rule of thumb is:  If you were reading about some place to take you horses for a fun time, for one day or a week what would you like to know about it?  My wife and I love to go to Artillery Ridge and Happy Hills and they will be the first locations listed in the file.


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