May 22 – Rock Creek Park

We got the permit for this ride in the beautiful Rock Creek Park, smack dab in the middle of DC  We rode there in early April and were pleasantly surprised at the many trails, well maintained and well marked, winding thru the park, and we only made it to a small section.  We recieved a permit for 12 trailer parking spaces and up to 18 horses and riders.  Please RSVP to me, Mariann Heritage at , (443-691-4825 cell) for a spot on this ride.   Ride time will be 10 a.m.  Pack a lunch for on the trail and bring a means to tie your horse on the trail.   Directions from the north side of the Washington Beltway : exit at Connecticut Ave. and proceed southbound toward Chevy Chase. About 7-8 blocks south of Chevy Chase Circle, turn left onto Military Road. Go a little over a mile, and you will see a big brown sign that says “ROCK CREEK PARK-NATURE CENTER…”etc. Take the next right (at the traffic light), as the sign instructs, and follow subsequent signs toward the Nature Center. We are parking at Rock Creek Park Maintenance Yard parking lot, 5000 Glover Road, NW, Washington DC 20015. From Glover Road, enter the parking lot and utilize the spaces on the left-hand side of the lot.


One thought on “May 22 – Rock Creek Park

  1. Yeah !!!!!! thanks Marianne for arranging the permit and parking — this is a beautiful park and was one of our first Club organized trail rides many years ago

    Don’t be afraid of “driving in DC” — this is an easy drive through the Chey Chase area just off the beltway and through some neat old home areas

    see you all there tomorrow for a fabulous day!

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