The Cedarville Ride through the Eyes of a Newbe

We arrived early on Sunday and found that we had parked on the wrong side of the parking area.  But, the ever-present Jacque was there shortly after we arrived to point us in the right direction.  Once we parked our rig and started to get the horses out and ready other members started to arrive.  It was like we had been members of this group for years instead of a few months.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.   I must say there were some beautiful horses in the group.

After we mounted our horses we were all gathered in a circle . . .  Well we gathered and introduced ourselves and were off.  My wife and I have ridden Cedarville many times because it is close to home and a wonderful scenic place with nice trails.  We normally ride the blue trail because it takes about an hour but today we were to learn an entirely different route.  A veteran of 16 years of riding Cedarville trails, which trumps our experience by a bunch, Shelby was our guide.  Shelby was always conscious of the slower riders and the sometimes less than cooperative horses so we stopped from time to time to reposition horses.  As was said before the Cedarville trails are pretty nice but we did run into a few low branches, downed trees and bridge that wasn’t in the best shape presenting a few challenges.  We had plenty of time to move our horses out and give them the exercise our past winter prevented them from getting. 

Along the trail we were able to get to know folks in the group and share horse stories of which there is a never-ending list.   We even acquired a new story about the Passo/Icelandic horse that decided it was time to lay down in the water which alarmed us all a bit until we found out it was a normal thing for this particular horse.  The rider was so used to it she didn’t hardly get wet.

Our thanks to all who were there for the wonderful company, good conversation and great horse stories.


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