June 5-6 Riding and Camping near High Point, NJ

Riding and camping in the north  part of NJ, at High Point state park with some of our NJ members.   

The Heritage & Agriculture Association, a non-profit corporation ‘In cooperation with the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry’ is hosting an overnight trail ride at Lusscroft Farm which is adjacent to High Point State Park in Wantage, NJ.  www.Lusscroftfarm.com   

Come camp overnight with your horse in the hills of northern New Jersey.   See the night stars, perhaps be serenaded by the frogs, and sit around the fire pit to dream or share stories.  BRING YOUR OWN HORSE

  • 20 box stalls
  • Wood chips available for purchase
  • Manure spreader on site
  • 3 large corrals
  • a fire pit with wood
  • port a john
  • potluck Saturday evening meal
  • No alcohol permitted
  • Horseshoes are recommended
  • Terrain is hilly and rocky
  • Unlimited trail riding
  • Dogs on leashes
  • Water for horses only  


RSVP requested.    Janice Elsishans   email   gldg@nji.com    or phone 973-948-3814

$60.00   Friday until Sunday.                           $25.00   day riders


2 thoughts on “June 5-6 Riding and Camping near High Point, NJ

  1. Thanks Janice for making all these wonderful arrangements — Gatsby and I are psyced to explore a new area …. and we are more than happy to share the ride and expense up with anyone who is planning to camp in a tent (sorry, I do not share my trailer bed well) .. if interested give me a call by next weekend — 410-923-6157

    hope more of you are planning to participate in this new adventure

  2. Those planning to arrive Friday, anyone up for a potluck cookout? We could divvy up a menu as:
    1) cold salad (green, potato, cole, whatever)
    2) side veggies (cold or cooked)
    3) cool dessert (something that won’t melt tho!)
    4) bread(s) & spread and/or chips & dip

    And everyone bring own main dish, meat or meat substitute. I can bring our fold up gas-run coleman grill thing!

    Please email me/reply to blog asap to participate.–suzanne trailsendfarm@verizon.net

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