Pictures from Rock Creek Ride

Club members Suzanne, Karen, Mariann and Jackie pose by Meadowbrook Stable entrance.  They and Jacquie rode a circuit from the middle of Rock Creek Park in DC, north to the border with Maryland, and on to the stables, where a horse show was in progress. They then returned to DC and continued south along the rock strewn creek (hense the name Rock Creek!), stopping for lunch, then stopping at the Equestrian Field to let the horses have a nice half hour break grazing, before returning to the trailers.   A great time was had by all 5 riders who covered almost every bridle path in the park, the horses logging almost 9 miles.    Submitted by Mariann. Photos by Jacquie and Jackie.


One thought on “Pictures from Rock Creek Ride

  1. Did you know?

    Secretariat developed a serious hoof conditon at the age of 19. After his death, an autopsy revealed that his heart was nearly twice the average size! Amazed doctors attribute the incredible racing ability of the great equine to this miracle.

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