Jan 8, 2011 – Winter Ride and Indoor Cook-out

hearty riders at January Club ride

from Jeff and Diane Townsend’s Severn home into the sandy trails of the Severn Run, one of Anne Arundel County’s only public trail systems…trails are suitable for barefoot or out of condition horses…ready to ride at 11:00 — lunch about 1:00 for riders and non-riders — followed by our Post Holiday Gift Grabbers’ Game and Planning for all the fun we want to have in 2011… bring a dish to share and your ideas for where to go and what to do this year… and don’t forget to show your team spirit by wearing your favorite football team’s colors (prizes for the best dressed horses of the day) …

please do rsvp to Diane 410-551-2927 …

Directions from Rt 100….take exit for rt 170 south…turn left at traffic light onto           ….right at next light onto WB&A Blvd…left at stop sign onto Quaterfield Rd….first right onto Lenora and follow through the neighborhood…first righthand driveway after the hardtop ends and gravel road starts.

Directions from I-97…take exit for Quarterfield Rd…left at top of ramp and head west on Quarterfield…continue on Donaldson Ave as the name chages…turn left at light onto WB&A Blvd… left at stop sign onto Quarterfield Rd….first right onto Lenora and follow through the neighborhood…first righthand driveway after the hardtop ends and gravel road starts

If you can’t come to the Planning Party, please send your ideas for 2011 via the Chesapeake Blog or call Jacquie 410-923-6157


4 thoughts on “Jan 8, 2011 – Winter Ride and Indoor Cook-out

  1. Hello Diane and Jeff, thank you for having the January 8, 2011 get together at your house. I am new to the group and have only done one ride with you. I wish I could make it but will not. You you have probably explored all the Maryland parks, but this website lists a bunch I have never been to,to include Greenwell, which Iheard is really nice, Tuckahoo and others. I just ordered my $75 park pass for all parks — I am hoping to ride a lot this spring and fall (my favorite seasons). I am looking forward to meeting more of you soon!

    Sarah —


  2. Welcome Sarah —- hope you will be able to get out with us more this year — please do not hesitate to post your wishes for where you would like to go … we will publish the calendar in progress after this weekend’s meeting, including the registration form for our Delaware EXPO and Beach Ride March 19-20 — save the date!

  3. Load up and come on over !!!! we’ve had just a pretty little snow dusting so plans for the day have not changed …. if you and your horse can travel safely we are still ready to ride 11:00 …. if coming alone lunch is 1:00 … don’t forget your Team colors, drink, gift to exchange and most importantly your wishes and ideas for things to do this year .. please call Diane to confirm your plans 410-551-2927

  4. THANK YOU Jeff and Diane for another fun time … we had a great ride through the little bit of snow that came and thankfully the wind did not start up until we were close to head back … umm-umm good food …. great gift exchange, but very little stealing …. fun times being planned for this year to come

    we will continue our planning at Jacquie’s Feb 5 Chocolate Cheese and Wine ride and party so keep your ideas and wishes coming and mark your calendar for Feb

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