March 20 , 2011 – Cape Henlopen Beach Trail Ride Details

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Beach ride will be at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware on March 20th. RTR time 11am. Snack for in the saddle, lunch back at the trailers after ride.

We will be parking in the Point Comfort Station Parking lot. We will access the beach via the Equestrian Dune Crossing right off of the parking lot. We are only allowed to ride in the beach not allowed on the roads or trails.

The cost to get into the park is $4 per vehicle for DE residents and $8 per vehicle for out of state residents.

The only available restrooms at that time will be at the Nature Center and the Fishing pier. We will probably have to drive to them if we need them so maybe stop on the way in or out of the park. Though there is a possibility we can access the fishing pier restroom from the beach. We would just have to keep the horses on the beach and walk up to the restroom if needed.

For directions to the beach trail ride please see the website:

The address to use for GPS or Mapquest directions is: 42 Cape Henlopen Drive (the old address) or the new address which may or may not work is 15099 Cape Henlopen Drive.

See previous post for more info on the Delaware Expo on March 19.


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