June 10-12 Bull Pasture Mountain Ranch


The Snow in June ride is June 10-12 and I highly recommend this ride. It’s a beautiful place with wonderful accommodations for both horse and rider, plus the scenery is just breathtaking. The mountain Laurel should be in full bloom during this ride. Call Sheila


3 thoughts on “June 10-12 Bull Pasture Mountain Ranch

  1. I did this ride 2 yrs ago in the fall and it is the most spectatular scenery. The folks are all friendly and the best hosts you could ever ask for. I tried to get off work to go this June but couldn’t…so hopefully I’ll make the fall ride. You won’t be disappointed in this ride.

    • Thanks for your comment Paula, I hope we can get a good group going from CPWHC. There is plenty of good gaiting at Bull Pasture as the mountains are mostly grassy. The owners live in Maryland and have a great group of Ranch hands to carefor and accomadate everyone.

  2. For anyone who might be interested in joining our group to Bull Pasture, we have one Lady who has room in her trailer for 1 horse and would like to share the ride and costs with someone. I understand there is still one cabin open and a room in the ranch house for anyone who doesn’t want to pitch a tent. Hope to see more CPWHC members join us. The deadline for registration is June 4th.

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