CPWHC shirt info

Attention Chesapeake Plantation Walking Horse Club- We are now offering Apparel with the club logo. For a complete list of items for special order please do the following.
1. visit www.onestopinc.com
2. Choose a style (GD026, GD344)
3. Choose a size (Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL, etc)
4. Choose a color
5. Do you want your name on it? Where? Left Chest? in Cursive or Block?
6. Embrodiery location- 1. Left Chest or 2. Full Back or 3. Both (keep in mind our logo is quite large- I would not recomment getting our full logo on the back of a t-shirt, most sweatshirts, jackets, and more dense items are okay)
7. Email leahkunzelman@hotmail.com with the above specifics for a quote and lead time…
8. Leah will email you back a quote – if you would like to proceed with the order please supply a shipping address 🙂
9. Your item and invoice will arrive in the mail- please make check payable to B&D Embrodiery as noted on the invoice.
General pricing guidelines are as follows:
1. Crewneck- Full embrodiery back and left chest is approx. $20 + shipping, tax
2. T Shirt- Left Chest Only – $12 + Shipping, Tax
3. Long Sleeve T- Left Chest Only – $18 + Shipping, Tax
4. Sweatshirt- Full Zip- Full embrodiery back and left chest is approx. $34 + Shipping+ Tax
5. Jackets- Range in price from $85-$120 depending on the style and brand
6. Winter Headbands- $8 + Shipping, Tax
7. Ball Caps- $10 + Shipping, Tax
8. Pajama Bottoms- $15 + shipping, Tax
9. Travel Mugs- $8 + Shipping, tax
The above prices are estimates only, actual brand chosen, size, and amount of embrodiery plays a factor (Add $2/ for name, Add $3 for XXL and above)



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