2012, Nov 24, Thanksgiving Saturday ride Manassas Battlefield

Chesapeake club will hold our annual Thanksgiving Saturday ride at the Manassas Battlefield on November 24, 2012 .. these easy trails are beautifully managed by the Battlefield Equestrian Society and wind their way through about 3 hours worth of woods and fields of this famous Civil War battle park … the Visitor Center has an historical film well worth taking in when you stop for your park pass (be sure to allow ample time please) … we will be joined this year by members of the Old Dominion Gaited Horse Association

  • ready to ride 10:30 am
  • bring snack for on the trail and lunch at the trailers after, plus water for horses, clean up tools and coggins
  • Parking at the Brownsville Trailer Parking lot on Groveton Rd with picnic area and restrooms (new to us)
  • $3 per person park fee — pay at the Henry Hill Visitor Center before proceeding to trailer parking
  • rsvp to Jacquie 410-215-4979 / jacquiecowan@comcast.net by Thursday, Nov 22
  • trail map, information and rules:   http://www.battlefieldequestriansociety.org/maps

Directions from Rt 66 .   take exit 47 / Rt 234 north marked for Manassas Battlefield

                            go through traffic lights and commercial area

                            turn right to Henry Hill Visitor Center to purchase park pass (required)

                            continue north on Rt 234 (right out of visitor center)

                            left at light onto Rt 29

                            left onto Groveton Rd at the Groveton Confederate Cemetary

                            right into Brownsville trailer parking

I do recommend trailer pooling for ease of parking area and gas expenses, so when you rsvp please advise if you have space available in your trailer and where you will be starting from — thanks

don’t forget to send your registration papers to Suzanne for the Lisbon Ole Fashion All Horse Christmas Parade on December 8!    trailsendfarm@verizon.net


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