Our primary mission invites

“Enthusiasts of all breeds and riding styles to join in the fun as we promote the versatility of the flat-shod Tennessee Walking Horse for pleasure and competition…”

You, too, can be part of the fun
  • Monthly Trail Rides
  • Parades and Demonstrations
  • Horse Shows & Clinics
  • Trailer Pooling
  • Parties, Fun and Good Friends!!!

Chesapeake members ride all kinds of horses (both gaited and trotting) in all styles, and for all reasons … but mostly to have FUN!

Membership fees are minimal, $10.00 for a Single membership and $15.00 for the whole family. Membership is renewed each year.   MEMBERSHIP FORM

In return, you receive lots of new friends, a bi-monthly newsletter, and an invitation to join in our trail rides and parades. (Registration fees are required for shows and clinics)

For your peace of mind, the club carries liability insurance for all club-sponsored activities.

Trailer pooling helps everyone get there. The standing rule for all events is “Be Safe & Have Fun!” Insurance requires Chesapeake membership, which can be paid at the event.


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